Two more days and 2018 will be history. As we are getting bombarded with endless lists of what we have listened to, accomplished and what not it's time to reflect 2018 and how I perceived it. 2018 was a great year for me. The best thing that happened was picking up cycling. I'm getting more and more addicted to the sport and it's fine. Where I was running more in 2017 the health benefits are much better when cycling. No more pain in my joints and/or muscles. That's partially true. After a day of climbing on my bike, I can feel my legs burning the day after but not as much if I had run.

Getting really conscious about my health was another eye-opener. I realized I was way too heavy and all of this kickstarted to where I am now. More time in the gym and on my bike rather than sitting at my desk surfing the web with a bag of potato chips. Since I bought the bike I managed to ride it 1,000 Km., lost 8 Kg and feeling so much better.

New years resolutions

So what's left for 2019? Well, I still have a long way to go before I reach my weight goal: 77 Kg. I currently weigh 91 Kg so that leaves 14 Kg to shred. Let's sum up my new years' resolutions:

  • Reaching my preferred weight of 77 Kg
  • Cycling 4000 Km
  • Quit smoking (I know...)

This is my short list. It could belong but the more resolutions you plan, the less you will fulfil. Should be doable.

100Km ride

Another thing I've set my mind on is riding a 100 Km ride. I've got one planned on January 1st. I'm doing this just to make a statement. If I can ride this I'll be able to reach my other goals as well in 2019!

I hope you all have a wonderful beginning of 2019 and we'll see each other here or on any other social medium platforms!

Happy New Year!