We are four months into 2019, and it's time for an update. The only reason for not updating this blog is that I'm sorting out my exercise regime. A lot has happened since the last time. I've completed a metric century (yay!), I've signed up for an Ironman (really) and got some new gear. I'm probably missing some things, but I'll try to remember when writing along.

My first metric century

I rode my century on New Year's day. Sounds crazy and it is. I got up early in the morning. My kids and wife were still asleep when I snuck out of the house. You can view my epic ride here. Since I have so many things to share I will make the century ride a separate post. I promise!

Ironman 5051

Yes, I've signed up for an Ironman. I'm participating coming August in the Ironman 5051 event in my hometown Maastricht. As you might know, it's a swimming, cycling and running event. 1.5 km swim followed by a 40 km bike ride and finished with a 10 km run. I'm currently in full training mode. I'm not afraid of the swimming and cycling part; it's the running I fear most. Running is something I should concentrate on, but I'm not. I still have four months to kind of master it, and I'm confident enough I will.

New Gear

With all these new goals, I had to buy new gear! Yes, the fun part. So I got myself a new Polar Vantage M which hopefully will help me reach my goals. The cool thing about this watch is the free app it comes with: the Polar Flow. It looks like Trainingpeaks, and I'll dig deeper into this app in a separate post.

There you have it! An almost full update on the things I'm currently doing. You can keep track of me on Strava or if you are more of a visual person, why not follow me on Instagram!