It's been just a little over a year now since I bought my Canyon road bike. I ordered the bike online and picked it up with my brother at the Canyon Experience Center in Koblenz, Germany. Good times! My goal for 2019 was to ride 4000 K, but disaster struck at the end of July. I'm still actively recovering, but the process is long and slow. My medication isn't helping me as well as it tries to regulate my heartbeat. Any physical effort of raising my heartbeat is being met with this artificial brake who tries to slow down my heartbeat. It's frustrating.

So I'm setting my goals already for 2020:

  1. Finish Limburgs Mooiste
  2. Ride 4000 K on Strava
  3. Compete in an IM Sprint
  4. Try to eliminate some of my medication through the WFPB diet

As for my first goal: I was looking forward to this tour. I was riding with my brother and colleagues from Eindhoven. I guess this was also the tour that gave away something that was not ok with my body. I didn't finish because it felt like I couldn't move at all. My legs gave up, but with the current knowledge, it was my heart struggling, keeping up the pace (and hills).

The second goal is the same as last year. But this time I will beat it!

Number 3: competing in an IM sprint was something on last year's list as well. Although not the sprint but the 5150 (Olympic distance) race. This year I will concentrate and finish the sprint.

My last goal is to eliminate all of my medication. Dr. Michael Greger's book, how not to die, gave me all the tips and tricks on how to accomplish this goal. Again, it's the whole food, plant-based diet that will do the trick.

To be continued!