I am a collector of data. In a way, I think we all are. Some of us are maybe not aware of all the data they collect through various devices throughout the day. Our watch, cellphone, laptop, fridge, scale; all of these devices could collect data for you, and we own at least one of the methods as mentioned above. Again, I love collecting data. I love displaying data, so my everyday patterns become more visible. Sleeping patterns, time commuting, coming in at work, leaving work, steps I take, breathing moments, average heartbeat you name it, and I try to track it. Not as obsessive as this guy but still.

My latest purchase is a Withings smart scale. The Body+ to be precise. It’s connected with Bluetooth and hooked up on my wifi. Besides my weight, it will measure body fat, water, bone mass, and to top it off, and it will tell me what the weather will be in the morning and afternoon so I can get dressed accordingly.

I bought the scale because I want to lose some weight. I already took a chunk off after my heart surgery, but I still need to lose some K's. My goal is to have a healthy BMI, and with my current heigh, my perfect weight would be 79 Kg.

The Body+ is smart enough to recognize me once I step on the scale (opposed to my little son, e.g., The scale will know I didn't jump from 90 Kg to 20 Kg). All presented in this beautiful app called Health Mate. That's another thing I'mI'm hooked on: data presented beautifully. If it's messy, I'mI'm not going to use it. Another app I recently found and fits my needs is Gyroscope. It tracks all sorts of data from your phone, computer, and watch. I love this app! I'm planning to write a review about this one soon as I only discovered it. I'll keep you posted!