This morning I finished W2D1 (Week 2, Day 1). I picked up the C25K (Couch to 5K) routine again after finishing this ten years ago. Back then the program helped me eventually in running my first half marathon: the Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon in San Jose, CA. Three weeks ago I got triggered to pick up running again and since I was successful in the past why not give it another shot? It's not just picking up running; it's changing my lifestyle. Having a desk job doesn't help your overall fitness.

San Jose, CA
Canon 550d FullSpectrum IRChrome
Photo by Andrii Ganzevych / Unsplash

I made a promise to a friend of mine (who got into running a year ago) that we are going to run the Rotterdam marathon together. Having a goal always helps me to get motivated. Same as I did ten years ago. Once you register for a race or event, it's becoming real. Not sure which edition we're going to run, but I'm aiming for 2020.

So here we are. Just got into week two. I am building up my stamina with some basic interval training. I'll keep you posted!