I’m back at work. I’m working only half days to start with as I noticed my overall fitness is still weak. Even though my work is sedentary (working at a desk behind a computer), mental fitness is a thing. Trying to code for hours is something I cannot accomplish at the moment. So just like all the retired older men, I take a power nap in the afternoon. Twenty minutes is just perfect (is this considered a power nap?). The extra hours in the afternoon I spend working from home. Check my email, write some code, do some research, or get up to speed with the latest web technologies.


Sometimes I have some time to spend with my kids. We live close to a newly developed area, which is pretty sweet. It used to be all factories, but gentrification also took place in this part of town. Just in walking distance, we have the Bold Rooftopbar and Loods 5, and since we will be moving within five months, it’s a perfect place to spend some time and get inspired by the interior design.

Next time you’re in Maastricht, you should pay a visit to the Spinxkwartier. Hip and happening!