The problems with these everyday situations are that we take the big picture, the overwhelming nature of it all, and use it as a reason to not do anything.

Instead, I’ve found it useful to pick one tiny action. It can change everything.

Some examples:

  1. I have too much to do right now, I’m overwhelmed — so I do one tiny thing. I start a task. I move a project along in the smallest way. I make a list. Something that takes a minute or two — I can do that!
  2. I’ve fallen off a habit I was trying to start, such as meditation or exercise, and it’s causing me not to want to even think about the practice. So I do the smallest version of the habit — can I pause for a few moments and meditate right now? Can I do a few pushups? This gets the ball rolling, and now the habit doesn’t seem that difficult. I keep starting again in small ways.
  3. I’ve been putting off a project, and I feel pretty bad about it — so I do one little thing with the project, and now I feel a lot better. All of a sudden, I can get the plan moving with small movements, small victories.

Each of these examples is so simple, so tiny — and yet their impact is more significant than most people realize. The action is small, but the effect is enormous. The victory might seem trivial, but it’s a profound shift.

What are you stalling on? What are you overwhelmed by? What can you take a tiny action on right now?

Get a tiny victory now, and see what it changes for you.